Friday, June 24, 2011

Origin of Iron Man

One day a rich man named Tony Stark was on a trip to Vientnam and was cot in a trap set for the war, the Venietnam war leader captured Tony and told him that the trap had a poison that could kill him he said he would give him a cure if he made weapons for him he traped him in a room full of iron. One day the war leader came in and saw Tony have made no progress so he captured a really intelligent old man who helped him Billed a Iron suit and a cure so they built a suit the old man made a distraction so the cure could work he pretended to go mad so the war leader shot he because he thought was no good so he went in but there was no Tony but shiny armor he thought it was a weapon but it moved and talked he was after him the old man he wanted revenge the war leader was scared and ran away and was never seen agin and Tony Stark AKA Iron Man came back to America.

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  1. I had no idea that is what happened to Tony Stark.:D