Monday, April 16, 2012

Avengers vs X-men

It is here Avengers vs X-men!
Avengers vs X-men is about When the Phoenix draws tabards Earth it is coming for Hope Summers the Mutant Messiah the Avengers want to keep her some ware safe because they think the Phoenix will destroy the earth and the X-men think the Phoenix is the rebirth of mutants.
Who will you cheer for I am cheering for X-men.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain America movie review

I loved it I could watch it over and over again it is about world war 2 when a skinny kid named Steve Rogers is picked to becom the world's first super solider when a Germen spie destroys the project and kills the man in charge of it and tried runing away but Steve got him and went into show biz but when his best friend Buckey is captured and goes to free them with a little help from Howard Stark who flew him to the Hydra base and Peggy Charter who told him what to do but he did it his own way and everyone was free but they met the leader the Red skull.
I can't tell you any more and I did't give you the little stuff that happened in the movie and I am sorry I did't give tha way biggeing.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Origin of Iron Man

One day a rich man named Tony Stark was on a trip to Vientnam and was cot in a trap set for the war, the Venietnam war leader captured Tony and told him that the trap had a poison that could kill him he said he would give him a cure if he made weapons for him he traped him in a room full of iron. One day the war leader came in and saw Tony have made no progress so he captured a really intelligent old man who helped him Billed a Iron suit and a cure so they built a suit the old man made a distraction so the cure could work he pretended to go mad so the war leader shot he because he thought was no good so he went in but there was no Tony but shiny armor he thought it was a weapon but it moved and talked he was after him the old man he wanted revenge the war leader was scared and ran away and was never seen agin and Tony Stark AKA Iron Man came back to America.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New story

Hello I am doing a story seires Spider-woman cronicals please comment on the stories so I can see what you want to see!
P.S it is the Spider-woman in the Black suit

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Peter Parker was once a regular boy on the streets of New York. One day he attended an exhibition on nuclear laboratory waste, he was bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter Parker left the exhibition in severe pain and as if things were not bad enough he got attacked by a gang. Suddenly Parker felt an surge of strength that allowed him to defend himself and escape unharmed. Peter Parker knew something was odd and he discovered that the radioactive spider had given him powers that a spider has. Climbing up walls, swinging from webs, spider man discovers that with great power comes great responsibility.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Introducing Me

Hi guys my name is Ethan and this is my first post I have ever posted, and thank you Rylan for letting me participate in you’re blog.

You guys probably want to know how I got into Marvel, I got into Marvel from reading books and comics about Spider-man and the Fantastic 4. My favorite book was about Spider-man this book is not a storybook, it is a reference about, how Spider-man got his powers, his enemies, and what powers Spider-man has. I have attached a picture of this book and as you can see I wore it out. This book has inspired me to learn more about different heroes and learn about their powers.

That is how I got into Marvel now I have a question for you guys. How did you get into Marvel?